Rug Information + Care

All of our rugs are handmade by real people and are vintage, therefore not perfect. This is what makes a vintage textile unique. The imperfections are part of the appeal. If you have any questions regarding a rug on our site please don’t hesitate to ask! We try to present the rugs with the best photographs we can but we can always send more details your way if needed. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing a vintage rug… 

Handmade rugs will look brighter depending on the angle your are viewing it. We recommend switching the rug around to find your favorite angle. We try our best to photograph all the rugs in natural light but photos don’t always do justice. We never enhance the colors in the photos, however they can still appear different when seen in person. Screen brightness from your viewing device can also make the rug appear much brighter than it actually is. 

Handmade rugs are rarely perfectly square or rectangle. Some rugs vary in size from one end to the other. We always measure from the widest points of the rug. 

Vintage rugs often show signs of wear including thin, worn areas, stains, fraying, small holes, etc. We’ll always try to photo these. Due to age and wear of some rugs there may be repairs that have been made. We think these repairs lend some character to the piece. 

Vintage rugs can occasionally have a certain smell to them due to its age. Rugs also tend to have a smell after being packed up for a period of time. The smell often fades once laid out in a room. Fresh air and sunlight will also help take care of any odor. We suggest taking the rugs outside and draping over a railing or balcony to catch some sunlight and fresh air. 

We always suggest using warm water and a natural soap or a natural rug shampoo to clean stains. Stay away from using any oxy products. Try and clean the stain as quickly as possible by simply lathering up the soap with a sponge and applying. 

We always recommend using a good, thick rug pad with our rugs. A good rug pad will keep the rug in place and help it to lay flat. We suggest these. 

We love to see our rugs in any room of the house. This includes bathrooms. However, if you do place one of our rugs in the bathroom please avoid stepping on it when soaking wet, wipe off first! Excess water makes it hard for a rug to dry out when trapped underneath. If the rug does become extra wet, we recommend laying out in the sun for a day or so to dry it back out. 



If you live in Oxford, we offer free shipping and can arrange pick up or delivery. Please send an email if you'd like to arrange this.